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The Global Economic Landscape

3 January 2012 2,073 views No Comment

From that cup o’ joe or spot o’ tea,
To the gas in your car and any import fee,
The prices we pay are a result, you see,
Of the global economic interactivity.

– $tock Mom

You might be tempted to dismiss this information thinking it remote and unimportant to directly affect your personal finances, but that line of thought can be very costly.

Europe, China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, India, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Syria, North Korea all depend on the same economic resources that we depend on. How well we all get along together and share is not only a matter of social conscience but also has a direct effect on the purchases and expenses that we transact regularly.

A Roundtable Review, Discussion, Debate of Past, Present, Future Economic Issues     (video 12:31)

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