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Is the relentless party drumbeat driving the “sound” from the house, or is it bitter “tea”?

14 September 2012 2,721 views 11 Comments

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

How can we expect our chosen representatives to act responsibly in our best interests across party lines when they cannot even find agreement, speak honestly, and play nice amongst themselves within their own agenda-sworn “party”?!

Our money is at the mercy of policy; policy is at the mercy of party; and party is at the mercy of those pandering-to-the-purses for policy power.

Financial prosperity and security is directly correlated to the policies established by our elected government representatives, the correlated agencies and their purview:  taxes, savings, lending and credit, investing, to name the obvious.

Just the moniker, “party,” presents a serious cause for concern when considering the power it can wield and the serious consequences incurred from the actions, or non-actions, taken regarding our financial prosperity and security.

If we are dissatisfied with the slow economic growth, slow job growth, slow-to-no savings growth, and the many “party favors” being served to lure big-money benefactors and influence the policy shapers-n-makers, then we have ourselves to blame!

In 2010, did our “instant gratification” inclination and “throw-the-bums-out” attitude bring us to this brink of disaster by impetuously electing candidates that put their “interest” above ours? Did we overreact, imprudently perhaps lazily, by blindly following the drumbeat of an engaging “party tune and theme” with little consideration to the long-term consequences on our individual financial circumstances?

We should be voting on our best interests and not be lured by the attractively-packaged, cleverly-crafted, well-financed, fabricated favors offered by a party.

It is our responsibility to be fully informed as to the consequences of our vote … our responsibility to think it through to the future consequences, the best that we can, to make the choices that will best build a strong and secure financial portfolio and to have sober, real expectations that are not raised to unattainable and unsustainable levels!

The political choices that we make are worth our foremost due diligence. These government institutions, processes, and people directly, and indirectly, affect our paycheck, our payments, our savings, our investments, and particularly our health! Therefore, though very challenging to separate reality from rhetoric, it is imperative to invest ample time to research every candidate and issue as objectively as possible, independently from any party influence. Serious consideration must be given regarding the copious rules and regulations that are written, legislated, and enforced by some of the “party animals” that we place into office.

Each of us has our own individual financial physiology; so, to merely accept and follow the prescription proposed for someone else without personally taking stock of the possible consequences to our individual circumstances is to put our individual financial health in jeopardy.

Electing the appropriate legislators and curators of our funds, our financial security and prosperity, is one of the most significant decisions and practices that we must exercise, freely and independently. We cannot afford succumbing to any party noise and the luring persuasions presented by the financially powerful vying for our vote to ensure their agenda.

– $tock Mom



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