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“Mortgage Malfeasance” – Attorney General Beau Biden Brings The Case

7 November 2011 2,815 views 5 Comments

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden talks with Rachel Maddow about efforts by states attorneys general to hold banks accountable for the mess they made of the economy and their dirty dealings with mortgages.

Thursday, ‎October ‎27, ‎2011
(video 8:47)

UPDATE:  Battling The Banks On The Home Front
Paul Rieckoff, founder and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans for America, speaks about the banks conducting illegal foreclosures on veterans and US military serving abroad.

(video 7:16)

UPDATE:  Massachusetts AG files suit against five of the nation’s biggest banks alleging foreclosure fraud.
Thu 01 Dec 11 | 04:11 PM ET
(video 1:46)


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