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Worth Analyzing – Most 401(k) plans stink!

Investing requires study, taking stock, and looking beyond the basics. Here are some of the issues worth considering and how they affect your performance, your success as an investor.

“Most companies’ 401(k) plans stink.” – Cramer
(video 6:09)


Making “Sum” Sense From:  The Effects Of Currency Fluctuations, Calculating The “Compares” In Retail, and Banking On Bonds … Or Not
(video 6:46)


Getting To Know What Some Of The Options Are
(video 2:17)


Charting Apple:  Cramer’s Fundamentals vs. The Technicals Of Dan Fitzpatrick
Cramer plants the seeds on how much Apple can, or if it will, continue to grow by comparing the company’s technicals with the fundamentals and whether the stock price can achieve his $550 price target.
(video 9:51)


Cramer explains the “short squeeze” and how to recognize and respond, or not, to it.
“Don’t get caught short. Understand the market. Right now, it’s a matter of supply and demand, and today the shorts just don’t have enough supply to fill their orders. Are the companies doing better? It doesn’t matter.” – Cramer
(video 10:13)


Airlines are one business model that just won’t fly!
(video 2:50)


Getting To Know PEG:
(the Price-to-Earnings-to-Growth ratio)
This metric, like any metric used for evaluating a stock, should be one of many considerations of the stock research necessary when making an investment decision, just as I stated in What The Buck?“I also suggest keeping a portfolio of no more than five stocks in the beginning and limited to targeted areas with which you have a hands-on familiarity from your job, the products your use, and other means of exposure that give you a real sense of what you are buying and WHY!!!”
(video 7:47)


A collapse factor of a stock:  shorts
Mad Money host Jim Cramer explains
(video 2:37)


Taking a look at technical analysis:  retail & the banks
Off the Charts with Cramer
(video 9:57)


Taking a look at technical analysis:  the VIX (volatility index)
Off the Charts with Cramer
(video 8:25)


Analyzing the strategy:  when to sell
Mad Money Markets: Time to Sell?
(video 9:49)


No Huddle Offense:  Leave Ideology Behind
Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares his thoughts on ideology and investing.
(video 3:25)


LinkedIn Lock-Up Comes To An End
Unlocking the consequences of unlocking stock shares.
(video 3:22)



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