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The Price Of Politics

Sept. 20, 2012
Take a stand to get money out of politics … the REAL reason we are in our economic mess!!!
Mistakes are being made by all “parties”!

Think about it …

If you could buy the governing body and respective governing rules that would best benefit your agenda … and you could afford that price … you would own the government and the rules.

Seem familiar?!

Recently, our Supreme Court has taken the “money is free speech” stance to the next level where corporations are now considered “people” and not just institutions, thus resulting in bottomless coffers of cash to buy our politicians and policies. Our election process, now more than ever, has become a ‘whoever has the most money, has the winning advantage’!

Advertising is everything to the successful sale, and politics is most definitely no exception. It is very expensive to fund the necessary TV and various media ads, the incessant robo calls, the ground-game manpower, and the campaign apparatus for successful saturation of a message to a constituency, even though that message is totally playing to each demographic no matter whether it is delivering fact or fiction.

If a message is repeated enough and acknowledged by the masses, it tends to become nearly impossible to see the truth in its content, assuming there is any truth there.

Case in point:  Just recently an effort by some billionaires was made to entice another candidate into the race for Chief, to advance their particular agenda … money and power; and our current Chief is projected to raise $1 BILLION to fund his reelection.

Additionally, the corresponding appointments, made by the winning candidate once in office, are now determined based upon the amount of money that appointed person can raise. Years ago, appointments were made based upon a person’s qualifications and who would best serve the fundamentals in that appointed position.

Check out these stats from The Dylan Ratigan Show on October 5, 2011:  In 2008, 94% of winning candidates had more money; in 2010, non-party spending reached $304 million. – (Source:  Center for Responsive Politics); plus, $5 – 7 billion is projected for the 2012 elections. (Source:  Roll Call)

Imagine what this election money could be doing if directly applied to our education, infrastructure, energy, and healthcare needs … and the resulting jobs created from the investment made in our people, not the
politicians; it would establish increased revenues that would reduce our debt and fund the programs we all need.

Just sayin’.
– $tock Mom

Stephen Colbert reveals the tragic reality of our current election process with his “exploring” whether to run for the office of “President of the United States of South Carolina” as well as addressing the issue of his the (now Jon Stewart’s) Super PAC, “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” in his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.
ABC‘s thisweek      January 15, 2012        (video 10:21)


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