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Check your receipt(s) BEFORE you leave a store or business!

31 December 2009 2,218 views 5 Comments

BEFORE you leave a store or business, check your receipt(s) for accuracy:

– make sure that you were not overcharged (the shelf, display, tagged, or advertised markdown price) for any item;

– make sure that you were not charged for items that you did not purchase;

– make sure that you were not charged for any unauthorized cash back dollar amounts, that you did not request, yet still might get added to your receipt at checkout without your permission; and

– make sure that you were charged for the exact number of multiple items that you did purchase.

You will be surprised to discover how many times you are overcharged and the money that you will save by being diligent! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!



  • MOM said:

    Checking your receipts is good advice BUT how long can you hold up the line behind you with people that are waiting to check out?

    My last receipt was a long list of purchases and people were getting impatient………don’t blame them.


  • $tock Mom said:

    Do not hold up the checkout line. Check the receipts after you move away from the checkout lane. I have proceeded directly to the service counter every time that I have found an error on my receipt before leaving the store; and, I have even called it in, immediately, from home when I inventory the items as I put them away. Oftentimes, they will give me additional credit or cash, more than just the cash correction or credit correction to my card. At times, I have even been offered 2-for-1 deals on the item(s) in error if I still decide to keep it (them).

  • MOM said:

    Good information………thanks

    from a devoted customer.

  • $tock Mom said:

    I should add that it is advisable to get the full name of the person who assists you, as well as the time frame that you are given to respond, return, to the store to make the correction. I have never had to return immediately to any store; they have always been very accommodating, allowing me several days to a week, occasionally longer depending on the circumstances, to return to the store for the correction.
    Glad to help, Mom!

  • MOM said:

    Good advice. Thanks from: “MEG”