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Henry Ford, where are you?

2 December 2011 1,969 views No Comment

Here’s where CEOs stand; where do you?  And where will it leave your kids?  You can ignore the politics, but do not ignore the numbers.

There is a growing disparity in our economic metrics.  Since workers (99%ers) are the engine, the spenders of our economy in this country, then how can our economy survive if the corporate culture continues to destabilize or remove them?

Corporations are creating the paradox of economic destruction.  They are eroding the very system on which they depend by their ongoing purging of the spender-engine that drives their profits and sustains our entire economic system.

The global economy has created a system in which we all must compete.  Bigger markets mean more customers, but also more competition.  More competition means operations must be leaner.  Productivity has become the catnip of the corporate diet; therefore, more work from fewer workers is the standard today, especially if your competition has the benefit and backing of government funding (subsidies).

The situation is challenging for all parties:  Corporations have to compete with other corporations and even countries, who subsidize their competition or are the competition; consequently, workers work harder and longer and for less pay to keep the operating costs down to maintain the business (providing jobs).

The workers are being squeezed, and even abused, in this process in order to get every ounce of productivity out of them for better margins (profit).  It is the disproportionate distribution of that profit, heavy at the top (CEOs) and thin at the bottom (workers) that is eroding our economic system to near decay. Henry Ford knew that the system is symbiotic and could only profit if all parties profited equally, relative to their task.

So stay informed.  Be a part of the solution, not the problem.  Listen to all sides of the argument.  As Mash’s Hawkeye said, “Know your enema!”  Participate in the process; do not take anything for granted.  What happens around the globe affects your finances and cannot be dismissed.

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