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Hottest global July temps on record are costing a “cropload”! NOAA’ing The Facts! —> UPDATED: 8/16/2019

10 August 2012 2,018 views No Comment

Updated Feb. 26, 2019

Dark Purple = extreme drought
Red = severe drought
Gold = moderate drought


The US is falling behind other nations in upgrading technology and infrastructure to deal with the sources and significances of global climate change.

When is the last time you checked the floodplain of that home you own, or want to buy, or your apartment building, even if you are renting on the top floor?

How are those heating-n-cooling bills working for ya lately?

If you experience any unreasonable price spikes in food, water, utility bills, shipping/freight costs … costs of grains, dairy, breads, cereal, produce, etc.; then, consider whether weather is part of the price-hike problem.

Mom-Nature is having seriously-disturbing mood swings as a result of our gluttonous disregard for her; she doesn’t like being taken for granted nor will she tolerate it for very long.

It’s not just whether “weather” is a problem today or this week; it’s climate, the weather over time, that needs our immediate attention!


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