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How much do you “long” to make money and build financial security …, a “lot”?

25 February 2012 1,330 views No Comment

Seriously, invest time learning all you can about investing:  the lingo, the tools, the fundamentals and technicals, the strategies, the various viewpoints until you understand the content to take control of your own money, to become a successful, self-directed investor to, at the very least, constantly grow a substantial savings that will stay ahead of inflation and the cost of living.

Plus, be able to preserve that constant savings (principal) for your future needs, for emergencies, for living comfortably within, better yet below, your means to build even more principal thus making it available for additional growth through investment.

You might not agree with individual strategies of others, but that is the point:  to build and maintain your knowledge and skills in order to develop successful investment strategies of your own, that best suit your individual needs, objectives, tolerances, time horizon.

Whether you have your money invested with a brokerage firm and managed by a broker or RIA (registered investment advisor), a retirement plan administered by a custodial firm offered through your employer, or you are a self-directed investor and manage your money yourself; if you do not keep current with and understand what is happening in the investment world with the markets and why, then you are investing blindly … especially when the money is being managed by someone other than yourself!

The following series of videos offers a good sampling of what you need to understand to be a successful investor, and saver. They are merely a microcosm of the macro-investment issues worthy of analysis and offer some perspective to illustrate how to think and approach investing.

Much of the information and material is fundamental regardless of the date and timeframe that it is being presented and discussed; but keep in mind that much of the material is also time-sensitive and can quickly slip into irrelevance as days-months pass.

If you do not understand what is being discussed in these conversations, then start now to get familiar with the language and the content of the issues being discussed and debated so that you can make the right choices that best suit your personal financial profile, your particular financial situation:  your risk tolerance, your time horizon, your investment objectives.

The investment decisions that you make and the strategies you take need to be owned by you, for only you know exactly how you feel about any given situation; you are the one who will pay or profit from the financial choices made and the subsequent results. Take ownership of your finances!

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t get the play on words in the title of this post, then I suggest you start learning now just how much you “long” to make a “lot” of money! Hint: You can start with the use of the Financial$ Glossary, but don’t overwhelm yourself. The $tock Mom is here to help. Take your time. The important thing is that you have made the right move by taking control of your money.

Byron Wien:  Fed Protecting Itself In Case Things Turn South     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 07:16 AM ET
(video 3:38)

Measuring Market Moves:  Oil, Currencies, Commodities     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 07:34 AM ET
(video 10:42)

Byron Wien:  ECB Will Work to Keep EU Together     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 07:42 AM ET
(video 6:55)

Stocks Are Cheap, Says Ron Baron     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 08:00 AM ET
(video 7:57)

Fragility in the Banking System     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 08:15 AM ET
(video 5:59)

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 08:30 AM ET
(video 7:45)

Greek Politicians Reach Austerity Deal     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 08:43 AM ET
(video 11:48)

Byron Wien:  Roubini’s Recession Outlook     THU.  FEB. 09, 2012 | 08:57 AM ET
(video 00:52)

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