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Guidance For Your 401(k) – Taking Control Of Your Funds, Your Financial Future – UPDATE 1/10/2012

7 January 2012 1,647 views No Comment

It is imperative to understand how the marketing and advertising in the (retirement fund, mutual fund) industry works, so that your money is invested in the best investment vehicle for your particular individual profile:  your financial situation, your risk tolerance, your time horizon, your investment objectives, to name a few concerns.

Equally important is the consideration as to whether your money is best invested in an actively-managed fund vs. an index fund, especially while taking into account the fund fees that are charged, often obscurely, that can make a huge difference in your total return over time!

Beware of investment advisors and fund managers using leveraged ETFs and understand what these investment instruments are and how they function. If you don’t know if your 401(k) has any ETFs, especially leveraged ETFs, in it, then find out and take control of how and where you want your money invested.

The consequences of you being the passenger along for this ride through difficult markets seeking efficacious market performance are a huge risk; you should be at the wheel piloting the direction of your invested, hard-earned money and your financial future.

The following videos shed light on how the fund managers try to keep you in their particular retirement funds, to keep you from moving your money to another fund, another investment; how ETFs’ trends are changing the markets and investing; the ETFs’ risks on your retirement and on fixed income; plus, the investment moves that you can control: your asset allocation, the investment fees that you pay, and the amount that you contribute.

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