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Jobs 2012 And Beyond

28 December 2011 2,273 views No Comment

“How healthy is the American workforce, and what can you expect in 2012 if you’re looking for a job?” – A conversation with workplace guru Daniel Pink, author of Drive, to get his predictions on what jobs are needed going forward; what jobs are becoming obsolete; how risk is shifting from the corporations to the individual – pensions, health care, education; the trends toward skills and abilities that are harder to outsource and automate; and, how our nation’s policies are not keeping pace with these transitions and the irrelevancy of much of today’s economic-political conversations.

(video 9:25)


CareerBuilder’s 2012 Hiring Forecast and Labor Market Outlook

“The hiring outlook for 2012 is cautiously optimistic,” says Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder CEO, who discusses the labor market in the year to come from their survey of hiring managers at over 3,000 companies, large and small; where the job opportunities are and what industries look good; how companies are trending toward on-the-job skill-training to meet the necessity to fill their open positions; and, how this trend will create further jobs that are related to those skilled positions once the people are trained. He also covers other details beyond their survey.

(video 4:54)

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