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The American Dream 2.0

28 October 2011 2,402 views No Comment

The American Dream – where did it go?
Was it within our reach?  We‘ll never know.
Will the Dream be better with “2.0″?
Well, it’s in our hands to make it so!

– $tock Mom

The American Dream 2.0 implies an upgrade, a better version of itself; but unfortunately, that is just not the case, nor will it be for many years to come.

It will take a generation, maybe longer, to recover from the destruction created by the greedy few who placed their own selfish pursuits for wealth above, and at the expense of, the unsuspecting millions of people around the globe.

If you want to know how we got here, how our economy got here, the Big Deal$ page contains an awesome CNBC original feature presentation that chronicles the events, the irresponsible naiveté of willing participants, the innocent victims caught up in the web of deceptions, and the obscure, dirty dealings that created our global economic crisis.

If the issues that got us into this morass are identified and addressed, then there is a better chance of protecting ourselves from it happening again.  I don’t need to point out how imperative it is to stay informed, be persistent and skeptical regarding the circumstances concerning your personal finances.

(video 10:40)

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