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[31 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 879 views]
The People Speak, The Banks Respond and Lose Some Change

Bank of America revamping debit card fees
By Rick Rothacker and Joe Rauch
Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:43pm EDT
(Reuters) – Bank of America Corp, after receiving heavy public criticism for a planned $5-per-month debit card fee, is likely to give customers more ways to avoid the fee, a person familiar with the bank’s plans said Friday.
The second-biggest U.S. bank is reworking its plans as rivals Wells Fargo & Co and JPMorgan Chase & Co have decided not to charge monthly fees, ending test programs in certain states.
Bank of America is likely to …

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[28 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 2,350 views]
The American Dream 2.0

The American Dream – where did it go?
Was it within our reach?  We‘ll never know.
Will the Dream be better with “2.0″?
Well, it’s in our hands to make it so!
– $tock Mom
The American Dream 2.0 implies an upgrade, a better version of itself; but unfortunately, that is just not the case, nor will it be for many years to come.
It will take a generation, maybe longer, to recover from the destruction created by the greedy few who placed their own selfish pursuits for wealth above, and at the expense of, the …

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[20 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 2,171 views]
Snooze You Lo$e

You might think that under your mattress is the best place to keep your money, especially when bonds, CDs, and money markets do not pay enough interest; but there are other places that can still increase the value of your money IF you diligently maintain a watchful eye and are nimble enough to move into the investment vehicle that serves to your best advantage.
The goal is to keep the value of your money ahead of inflation plus have your money realize a gain that will be more profitable than under the …

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[19 Oct 2011 | One Comment | 1,705 views]
Social Security recipients getting 3.6% raise, first in two years

By The Associated Press
Some 55 million Social Security recipients will get a 3.6 percent increase in benefits next year, their first raise since 2009, the government announced Wednesday.
The increase, which starts in January, is tied to a measure of inflation released Wednesday morning.
About 8 million people who receive Supplemental Security Income will also receive the 3.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, meaning the announcement will affect about one in five U.S. residents.
There was no COLA in 2010 or 2011 because inflation was too low. Those were the first two years …

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[19 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 871 views]

Are we heading back … in the future?
Where we were … where we are … where are we going?
Oct 18, 2011        (video 16:15)

The great debate …
Mon 24 Oct 11 | 11:15 AM ET
(video 11:37)

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[18 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 881 views]
Protecting Your Money’$ Worth

“… the importance of regulations protecting consumers from corporate swindles and … ” (video 17:08)

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[13 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 1,131 views]
Is The Stock Market Broken?

The following article and videos bring attention to a potentially serious problem inherent in the performance and resulting outcome of the ETF investment instrument and the underlying securities and how ETFs might be causing big problems to the global markets and quite possibly presenting the opportunity for manipulation of the markets.

“Proof: ETFs a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Posted on CNBC.com By: Herb Greenberg | CNBC Senior Stocks Commentator
| 14 Oct 2011 | 12:49 PM ET
From the “markets-are-broken” department: Whenever we talk about the impact of exchange traded funds (ETFs) on the market, the one missing …

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[1 Oct 2011 | Comments Off | 2,125 views]
What The Buck?

Does this cartoon remind you of the mindlessly futile behavior of a dog chasing his own tail? Are you wasting your valuable time and energy trying to make financial gains by chasing after funds and assets that you already have in your possession or within your reach but fail to recognize their proximity?
I totally understand what it’s like to be financially strapped and looking for any solution to obtaining financial security; but, the urgency to establish financial security can lead to exhaustive efforts that are non-productive, possibly destructive, and quite probably leave you …