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Give Yourself Credit, Your Financial Fitness »

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Proceed With Caution And Receive The Credit

Only use your credit card for items that you already have the cash to pay for them in full when that credit card bill arrives.  Set aside cash on a regular basis in a designated savings account for this specific purpose.  When your credit card bill comes due, pay it in full using the cash you have accumulated in this specific savings account that you created exclusively for this purpose.
Not only will your money be growing with the interest that this savings account accumulates, plus, you will be getting the added …

Give Yourself Credit »

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Obtain a credit card for free; never pay to get a card!   Do not get a card for any “rewards” or special offers (such as for particular catalog items or air miles). The only acceptable rewards are “cash-back awards” that can be directly applied to your future statements to pay for part of the credit card’s balance due.  Make sure your cash award can be directly applied to your account balance without any hidden details or penalties – in other words, you can use the cash dollars that you build …