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[31 Dec 2009 | 5 Comments | 2,198 views]
Check your receipt(s) BEFORE you leave a store or business!

BEFORE you leave a store or business, check your receipt(s) for accuracy:
– make sure that you were not overcharged (the shelf, display, tagged, or advertised markdown price) for any item;
– make sure that you were not charged for items that you did not purchase;
– make sure that you were not charged for any unauthorized cash back dollar amounts, that you did not request, yet still might get added to your receipt at checkout without your permission; and
– make sure that you were charged for the exact number of multiple …

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[30 Dec 2009 | One Comment | 1,916 views]
Preparing for the New Year

It’s time to take stock of your current-year’s total finances:  organize all your receipts and paperwork for the upcoming tax season and set up a file for all of your current-year’s expenditures and total income.
Do the same for next year’s finances, keeping your records and files orderly on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Get into the habit of regular recordkeeping and maintaining meticulous, methodical files. It is advisable to review and prepare for your next-year’s costs of living ahead of the New Year.
Each year, set aside a portion of all your income …

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[21 Dec 2009 | One Comment | 2,067 views]
Checking Out Checking Accounts

The main purpose of a checking account is to provide a safer method than cash for making payments (bills, purchases) while providing a record of all the transactions, all activity, on the account.
Record keeping is a must and will serve you well over the years regarding the many monetary issues that you will have to handle, from returning a purchase to filing your taxes.
A checking account is an efficient vehicle that will provide you with a detailed accounting of all the activity and money that passes through the account:  deposits, withdrawals, …

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[20 Dec 2009 | 4 Comments | 3,992 views]
How To Build A Saving$ Account

How should savings be created? Where will your savings come from? What type of account(s) should you have for any money you receive?
Savings should be established and maintained as a permanent portion of any money that you receive: from your paycheck, from a monetary gift, from any income that you receive.
No matter what your circumstances, it is very necessary to get into the routine of setting a portion of your income into a savings plan, a savings account. Just as you must pay a bill, it might be wise …